photos.ALBj.net2007 → Parents' and Aunt/Uncle's Trip To Hawaii, May 8-23, 2007

No, I'm not personally the one who went to Hawaii on this trip. I wished!!! This trip was taken by my parents and my aunt and uncle. I'm insanely jealous. I offered to host this album of their photos so friends and family could see. I have not yet managed to copy over all the photo captions—it was quite a bit of work just to get the photos themselves over to Flickr and in the right order. Adding all the text descriptions will be an over-time project, as well as attempting to add keyword tags and geotags. IMPORTANT NOTE if you are viewing this album via—Flickr imposes a 500-item limit through the API. This album is bigger than that limit, so to view items after the first 500, you’ll have to visit the Flickr album at: