photos.ALBj.netMiscellaneous Photos → Virtual Visibility, one year of moblogging, Sept. 2004-Sept. 2005

Before Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, ad nauseum, it was called moblogging. Before anyone had heard the word "smartphone," geeks were uploading low-resolution cell phone photos to their own web sites. Naturally, I wanted a piece of that action. Before opening this Flickr account, using a kludge built by my friend Jeff, I posted photos from a Sony Ericsson T616 (my first cameraphone) through an e-mail gateway to a server Jeff operated at his home, and then into the self-hosted web album server at my home. This set contains all those T616 shots. The original album also had five shots from the Sony Ericsson S710a which were the first images I ever uploaded to this Flickr account. I've added them to this set as well. As well as a bonus shot of the S710a shooting into a mirror. Wow, only 50 pictures in a year. Such a n00b.