photos.ALBj.net2014 → A Weekend Full of Storms, July 11-13, 2014

Central Florida was subjected to intense storms my entire birthday weekend, Friday through Sunday, which made for some incredible photos. I'm using this album for an experiment. I'm generally known for doing a little enhancement processing to my sky photos, and I have no doubt I'll continue to do so in the future. However, I realized the untouched originals from this weekend were already pretty dramatic, so I uploaded them as is. The reason I normally touch up my sky photos is because the images usually don't quite convey how I felt about what I was seeing with my own eyes. So, even though the plussed versions might not be an accurate depiction, they do represent what my eyes felt they were seeing. Other than the occasional instances where I decide to dramatically alter an image for artistic effect, you'll see that most of the sky/cloud/storm photos I post aren't overly enhanced compared to the untouched photos in this album.