This year, I completed my two-year project of migrating all my old Gallery-powered photo albums to Flickr (which is mirrored through my self-operated front end at If you were one of those who had bookmarked to peruse my albums, you'll want to use the ALBj link instead. Other highlights of 2015 include a splendid visit to Savannah, Georgia, for the annual spring advisory meeting, attending InfoComm at the Orlando Convention Center, hearing the Gaither Vocal Band live at the David Jeremiah Stand Up tour at Amway Arena, and an all-day office social event to The Holy Land Experience attraction in south Orlando. But the biggest highlight was successfully arranging a road trip with my wife and both her daughters to San Antonio, Texas, for the 60th General Session of the Adventist Church. The trip spanned over my birthday and was a marvelous gift to myself!